BrackettThe orthodontics are a speciality inside odonthology that devotes itself to locate the dental pieces in the place where they belong in the mouth, by means of forces – mostly light – generated by the wires, and using brackets and other elements that allow the professionals to achieve different dental movements.

It is important to differentiate the orthodontics of the orthopedics. The last one is used in children especially and is based on a removable aparathology (that is to say that can be placed and retreat of the mouth by the patient) in contrast to the orthodontics where the treatment is with fixed aparathology (that is to say that it is not possible to withdraw).

The orthopedics basically accompany the growth and development of the child, therefore gives the chance to correct narrow arcades, crossed or inverted biting, bad respiratory habits, etc. improving this way the facial aspect of the child and making the later treatment of orthodontics simpler, if it is necessary.

Niño cepillandose los dientesGenerally after a treatment of orthopedics it is continued by the orthodontics, because as well we said previously the orthopedics acts in periods of growth (accompanying, stimulating or inhibiting the development of certain zones of the mouth and the face) but he does not correct malpossitions dental, for it yes the orthodontics are used.

From 9-10 years it is already possible to begin with the fixed aparathology, although the ideal would be to begin when all the permanent teeth are already in mouth. This happens around 12-13 years.

It is necessary to have in mind that dental health has vital importance to keep the aparathology clean and with good functioning, as well as deciding what to eat, avoiding rough meals that can break the brackets or the wires.